Our Facilities segment operations generally consist of fee-based activities associated with providing storage, terminalling and throughput services for crude oil, NGL and natural gas, as well as NGL fractionation and isomerization services, and natural gas and condensate processing services.

Plains generates revenue through a combination of month-to-month and multi-year agreements. Revenues generated in this segment primarily include:

  • Fees that are generated from storage capacity agreements
  • Terminal throughput fees that are generated when we receive liquids from one connecting source and deliver the applicable product to another connecting source
  • Fees from NGL fractionation and isomerization services
  • Fees from natural gas and condensate processing services
  • Fees associated with natural gas park and loan activities, interruptible storage services and wheeling and balancing services
  • Loading and unloading fees at our rail terminals


As of December 31, 2017, Plains owned, operated or employed a variety of long-term physical assets throughout the United States and Canada in the Facilities segment, including:

  • 77 million barrels of crude oil storage capacity primarily at our terminalling and storage locations
  • 34 million barrels of NGL storage capacity
  • 67 Bcf of natural gas storage working capacity
  • 25 Bcf of owned base gas in storage facilities
  • 9 natural gas processing plants
  • 1 condensate processing facility
  • 8 fractionation plants and 1 isomerization unit
  • 34 crude oil and NGL rail terminals
  • 5 marine facilities
  • 1,000 miles of active pipelines that support our facilities assets