2018 Sustainability Information

Operational / Financial
Transportation Volume Crude oil pipeline, natural gas liquids (NGL) pipeline and trucking transportation volumes 5.9 mmb/d
Facilities Volume Inclusive of liquids Terminalling and Storage, natural gas storage and NGL fractionation 124 mmb/mo
Supply & Logistics Volume Crude oil lease gathering purchases and NGL sales 1.3 mmb/d
Enterprise Value As of 12/31/18 $26 B
Total Assets   $26 B
Asset Highlights
Miles of Pipeline Crude oil and NGL pipelines 18,000
Terminalling and Storage Capacity Total Facilities crude oil and NGL storage capacity including Transportation segment 140 mmb
NGL Fractionation / Condensate Processing Capacity   >345 mb/d
Natural Gas Processing Capacity   7 bcf/d
Natural Gas Storage Capacity   >60 bcf
Pipeline and Asset Integrity
Pipeline Miles Assessed via In-line Inspection 6,869
Integrity Expenditures $248 mm
Maintenance Expenditures $252 mm
Total Integrity and Maintenance Expenditures $500 mm
Employee Total Recordable Injury Rate (per 200,000 work hours) 0.74
Contractor Total Recordable Injury Rate (per 200,000 work hours) 0.33
Employee Lost Time Injury Rate (per 200,000 work hours) 0.53
Employee Fatalities 0
Contractor Fatalities 0
Employee Preventable Motor Vehicle Incident Rate (per one million miles) 0.47
Emergency Preparedness Tabletop Exercises 118
Large-scale Emergency Preparedness Exercises 6
Qualified Individual Notification Drills 203
Employees Trained on Emergency Response 3,074
Employees Trained on the Incident Command System 1,111
Agencies/Response Organizations Engaged Regarding Emergency Preparedness 790
Agencies/Response Organizations Trained on Emergency Preparedness 297
First Responders Trained on Emergency Preparedness 909
Corporate and Regulatory Asset Security Plans 79
Public Awareness and Damage Prevention
Pipeline Safety Guides Distributed to the Public 154,800
One-Call Tickets Processed 242,855
Public Awareness Safety Trainings Held 120
Third-party Line Strikes Resulting in a Hydrocarbon Release 1
Direct Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions1   0.87 mm metric tons CO2e
Number of Federally Reportable Pipeline Releases   27
Barrels of Petroleum Liquids Transported   2.3 B
Percentage of Barrels Safely Delivered   >99.99%
Employees Located in the United States   3,660 (31 states)
Employees Located in Canada   1,237 (4 provinces)
Employees Hired in 2018   620
Voluntary Employee Turnover Rate   10%
Percentage of Female Employees   21%
Percentage of Management Roles Filled by Females Includes employees at Manager, Director and Officer level 22%
Percentage of Officer Roles Filled by Females Includes employees at the Vice President, Senior Vice President and Executive level 14%

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The above are unaudited disclosures and certain figures have been rounded for presentation purposes.  Plains undertakes no obligation to update the figures and information contained herein, although it is our intent to provide similar information in the future with respect to periods following 2018.

1 The reported figure represents emissions from those facilities in the U.S. and Canada that are presently required to report GHG emissions under U.S. federal and Canadian provincial reporting programs (the Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting rule [40 CFR Part 98] in the U.S., Alberta’s Specified Gas Reporting Program [Alberta Regulation 251/2004], and Ontario’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Quantification, Reporting and Verification rule [O. Reg. 390/18]).