In conducting our business, we are accountable to each other, our investors, our customers, and our other stakeholders, including the communities where we live and work. Our focus on accountability involves efforts to strengthen the communities where we operate.

At Plains, we explore opportunities to be a good neighbor by engaging with local stakeholders. In association with our OMS, we have implemented a framework across the organization to help groups responsible for engagement to effectively plan, implement and assess their outreach efforts. The framework provides the processes and procedures for:

  • Identifying external and internal stakeholders and our communication responsibilities, including two-way communication
  • Engaging with stakeholders regarding risk identification, risk management and safety performance
  • Identifying the types of information to be shared, its value in improving safety and/or corporate reputation, and personnel responsible for sharing and receiving information

We are part of the community in hundreds of cities and towns, and we understand being a responsible member of any community involves participation. The relationships we build with first responders and community representatives, along with our philanthropic activities, are some of the ways we work to help communities thrive.