We integrate safety into our business planning and decision-making processes. We believe this enhances and promotes the protection of our employees; the people who live, work and play in the vicinity of our assets; and the environment.

All Plains employees have the responsibility and authority to stop work without the fear of reprisal if they believe a situation exists that places themselves, the community, or the environment at risk.

Our commitment to safety excellence goes beyond operating our business in a responsible manner—it reflects the vision and dedication shared by our management team and the employees who operate our assets on a daily basis.

Commitment to Safety

Plains strives to:

  • Comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to our business.
  • Verify compliance through self-monitoring programs and regular facility assessments, and if necessary, correct any conditions in our operations that may have health, safety or environmental impacts.
  • Train and empower each employee to recognize his or her responsibility and accountability to act in a safe manner.
  • Establish and maintain corporate controls, including periodic reviews, to ensure our policies are properly implemented and maintained.
  • Participate with federal, state and local government representatives to establish regulations that safeguard the community, workplace and the environment.
  • Assess potential environmental, health or safety concerns prior to the lease, construction or purchase of property.
  • Establish appropriate design, construction, operation and maintenance programs and practices to minimize risks, reduce incidents, limit waste, increase energy efficiency and conserve natural resources.


Across the organization, we have more than 220 dedicated employees who focus exclusively on environmental, health and safety initiatives.

Here are a few facts about the safety measures we take at Plains:

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