Plains All American Pipeline is committed to designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining its pipelines in a safe and reliable manner, and to meeting or exceeding safety standards.

Our company is dedicated to adhering to all regulatory requirements. This program includes ongoing inspection and maintenance activities that verify the safety and integrity of the pipeline systems. With a thorough integrity management plan, the life expectancy of a pipeline asset is measured by its inspections and maintenance activities, not by its age. Plains integrity management participates actively with multiple industry groups to stay abreast of the latest technologies and integrity management program methods.

Pipeline Inspection

Our Integrity Management Plan utilizes hydrostatic testing and state-of-the art in-line inspection tools to assess the integrity of pipelines.

Smart Pigs

These in-line inspection tools, often called “smart pigs,” are capable of detecting conditions in the pipelines that could affect safe operations. This technology allows Plains to proactively address possible integrity concerns on its pipelines before safety and environmental performance is compromised. These smart pigs inspections are conducted on scheduled intervals to meet (and in some cases exceed) regulatory requirements.


Plains has multiple processes in place to actively maintain the integrity of its pipeline systems, including:

  • Internal and external corrosion control
  • Regular aerial surveillance patrol
  • Equipment maintenance strategies
  • Routine inspection and maintenance of equipment
  • Right-of-way clearing
  • Waterway crossing inspections
  • Public awareness program
  • Damage prevention and one call
  • Employee training and qualification program