Plains is dedicated to preventing emergency situations through operational safety while working towards the goal of zero incidents, injuries, and impacts to the environment.

Proactive Approach

The potential for risk is always present, and as a result, we take a proactive approach to planning for emergencies such as natural disasters, security events, and product releases.

Emergency Procedures

To minimize impacts, we have established procedures for a variety of emergency situations. These procedures allow for safe, rapid, and organized responses to emergency situations and are tested through a progressive, multi-year training and exercise program. The training and exercise program develops our employees' emergency response skills while partnering with local, state, and federal agencies and contractors to ensure continuity of response.

Industry Leader

Plains is an industry leader in emergency response advancements. We proudly work with the American Petroleum Institute, the Association of Oil Pipelines, the Association of American Rail, TRANSCAER, hazardous materials response, and other organizations to develop standards, educate emergency responders, and strengthen programs throughout the United States.