Safety is a core value at Plains, extending to our efforts to protect our employees, our environment and to maintaining the safety of the communities in which we operate.

Safeguarding the Environment

Plains is committed to acting as a good steward of our environment. We support our commitment to safe and environmentally-responsible operations through extensive and ongoing education and training, as well as investment in any necessary equipment, systems, processes or other resources. As part of our commitment, Plains diligently strives to comply with applicable environmental, health and safety rules, laws and regulations.

Ensuring the safety and reliability of our pipelines is one example of how we deliver on our commitment to environmentally-responsible operations. Since 2007, Plains has spent over $1.3 billion to maintain, repair and improve the integrity of our assets in the U.S. and Canada. Since that time, we have also proactively taken thousands of miles of pipelines out of service, and have constructed thousands of miles of new pipelines without incident. New pipelines are inspected before leaving the mill, as they are being welded, and prior to operation to ensure they are ready to be placed into service. If any issue is detected, it is addressed immediately. Once construction is complete, we work to restore the surrounding environment to as close to prior condition as possible.

Community Investment

Our efforts to support first responders in communities across the U.S. and Canada are critical to maintaining the safety of the communities in which we operate. Plains personnel work closely with local first responders to ensure they have the resources and training necessary to safely respond in the event of an emergency.

Public Awareness

Plains needs the help of those living and working in the community to prevent third-party damage to pipelines. We participate in the “Call Before You Dig” 811 program, mark all company pipelines with line-of-sight pipeline markers, and conduct regular aerial inspections of our pipelines to monitor for activity along the right-of-way that has the potential to cause damage to the pipeline.

Operational Safety at Plains