Our online tariff service is provided as a convenient resource to view and download the tariffs currently in effect for our crude oil pipeline systems.

This website is for reference only. Published tariffs shall govern the indicated pipeline movements. Charges and terms in addition to those listed in this tariff summary may apply. For additional tariff information or to be included in the tariff subscriber e-mail distribution, contact Teresa Bratcher at (713) 646-4568 or tmbratcher@paalp.com.

Shipper Notice:

In light of current conditions arising out of the COVID 19 pandemic, this notice is to remind Shippers that subject to Carrier’s Rules and Regulations, Carrier does not have facilities for rendering, nor does it offer, spot storage services and that it is Shipper’s obligation to provide necessary receipt facilities at the destination point for any nominations tendered.  As part of the April Nomination confirmation process please be advised that nominations and receipts into the system will be accepted based on the following criteria:

  • Forecasted required Shipper inventory levels as of April 1st
  • Confirmation of receipts to connecting carriers or receipt facilities for further delivery out of the Plains Pipeline system

We will make every effort to confirm your nomination before April 1st and reserve the right to reject nominations in whole or in part and modify receipts during the month of April based on the criteria above.  Failure or delay in providing confirmation of adequate receipt facilities at the destination may impact Carrier’s ability to confirm nominations.